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Mntraanes (Mentrianish in English)

The Mentrianish Alphabet

A = A as in h(a)t, sometimes a as in f(a)ther
B = Same as  Eng.
D = Same as Eng.
E = Always e as in b(e)d
= Always as in souffl()
F = Same as Eng.
Gh = Gh as in spa(gh)etti
H = Same as Eng. (never silent)
I = I as in h(i)t
= Ee as in f(ee)t
J = Always j as in (j)et , never y as in (y)et
K = Same as Eng.
L = Same as Eng.
M = Same as Eng.
N = Same as Eng.
O = Always o as in n(o), except before n which it sounds like the o in (o)n
P = Same as Eng.
R = Sometimes thrilled, like Spanish/Dutch r
S = Always ss as in mi(ss), never s as in hi(s)
T = Same as Eng.
U = Always oo as in f(oo)d
V = Same as Eng.
W = Same as Eng.
X = Same as Eng.
Y = Always y as in (y)es, never as in ps(y)cho
Z = Same as Eng.
Aa = A as in f(a)ther, just a little longer
= as souffl(), just a little longer
= Ee as in s(ee)n, just a little longer
Uu = Oo as in f(oo)d, just a little longer
A = Igh as in h(igh)
Oi = Oy as in b(oy)
O = Oy as in b(oy), but there is an ee sound after it unlike "oi"
Oy = Oy as in b(oy), but after the "oi" sound, the y sound is used and pronounced