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Nominative Case
Genitive Case
Accusative Case
Partitive Case
Inessive Case
Elative Case
Illative Case
Adessive Case
Ablative Case
Allative Case
Essive Case
Translative Case
Abessive Case
Comitative Case
Instructive Case
Prolative Case
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This site was made to show what might have happened if Japan and Finland became one country during WWI, and the language that might have manifested if they had. If the country was real today, it would take up Finland, all of Russia, Mongolia, and Japan. In this alternate reality, WWI never ended, technology did advance how ever, and the Nazis and such still happened, although they did counquer most of Europe, also the USA never joined the war, because Suoníppomía never made that attack, and (Japan) was never nuked. The neutral countries in Europe still remain free, such as Spain, Switzerland, and Sweden, but everyone else was conquered by the Nazis, but for some odd reason England developed secret technology, and was able to fend off the Nazi invaders, they also still won the African Campaign, and built large war factories and such to keep the Nazis and Suoníppomíans from invading and conquering them. Also England still owns Hong Kong and India, which were never returned and/or won their indepedence. Australia, being a commonwealth was saved by England in the Pacific Campaign (minus America's help). England also owns most the Middle East, but Israel, which remain very loyal and supportive to England for helping as many Jews as they could from the Holocaust. China is also allied with England, China has been a great help in fighting against the Suoníppomíans and Nazis. As for the countries that would have been in the USSR if Russia hadn't been conquered, it became Novaya Rossija (New Russia), also very, very much against the Nazis and the Suoníppomíans. Well, with that said, now you know the situation, but this is the site about the language Suoníppomí. (On the map Blue is the neutral countries, Orange is England and its supporters, Red is Nazi-Suoníppomí territory, Teal is China and its supporters, and Gray is New Russia)


Suoníppomí National Flag


"Modern day" Map

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